Change in Director’s



 About change in Directors

A Private Company is required to have a minimum of 2 Directors and a Limited Company is required to have a minimum of 3 Directors. On the Contrary, a Limited Liability Partnership has Designated Partners which is required to have a minimum of 2 Designated Partners as per LLP Act, 2008. Appointment or removal of a Director or Designated Partners is required due to various circumstances

Define the Process

Preparation of basic documents Signing of documents Filing of Forms along with signed attachments to give effect to the change in Director of the respective Company Average time taken 10-12 working days.

Advantages of change in Directors of Company

Brings new ideas

Change is always good. It brings fresh ideas to the table and opens up new doors for employees.

Room for growth

Change in Director allows a room for growth and improvement in the operations of the Company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How we help with Change in Directorship?

Registrationseva can help in Change in Directorship in 10 to 15 working days, subject to ROC processing time.

What are the requirements of becoming a director of a company?

A Director of a Company must be above the age of 18 and must have a Director Identification Number. The person can be an Indian National or a Foreign National

What are the documents required for obtaining DIN?

A Digital Signature, ID and address proof of the proposed Director

What is the procedure for adding or removing a Director of the Company?

A Company can appoint or remove a Director by passing an Ordinary Resolution in an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Once a resolution is passed, the Company must file the Resolution along with the necessary forms along with attached DSC to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to appoint or remove the Director.