Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)


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About CVC & Functions

CVC is conceived to be the apex vigilance institution, free of control from any executive authority, monitoring all vigilance activity under the Central Government and advising various authorities in Central Government organizations in planning, executing, reviewing and reforming their vigilance work.

Registration Process

The Registration process takes 2 Working days and the following details of the Organisation shall be required :
– Details of the Directors;
– Registration Certificate of the Organisation;
– PAN Card of the Organisation;
– Bye Laws/ Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Organisation;
– Contact Details of the Chief Functionery.


One of the Prestiguous Commissions of India


Integrity Certification


Transparency, Clarity & Accountability


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How we help with CVC  Registration?

Registrationseva can provide you CVC  Registration in 2 days subject to Govt. processing time.


What is the present status of the Central Vigilance Commission?

The CVC Bill was passed by both the houses of Parliament in 2003 and the President gave its assent on september 11, 2003. Thus the Central Vigilance Commission Act 2003 (No45 0f 2003) came into effect from that date.

Who is the Head of the CVC and Why is it called Central Vigilance Commission?

The Central Vigilance Commissioner, who is of the rank of Chairman, Union Public Service Commission, heads the CVC. Because, the jurisdiction of the Central Vigilance Commission extends to all Central Government Departments, Central Government Companies including nationalised Banks and Central Government Organisations.

Is there any such body in every State of India?

Yes, in every State of India, there is either a State Vigilance Commission or Lok Ayukta which is looking after the vigilance matters of the State Governments.

Which Ministry/Department controls the CVC?

The CVC is not controlled by any Ministry/Department. It is an independent body which is only responsible for the Parliament.

Can the CVC investigate a case against anybody?

Firstly, the CVC is not an investigating agency. The CVC either get the investigation done through the CBI or through the Departmental Chief Vigilance Officers. Secondly, the CVC orders investigation in to cases of officials of Central Government Departments/Companies/Organisations only.

Is the CVC empowered to enquire into the corruption cases?

The Commission is empowered to enquire or cause inquiries to be conducted in to offences alleged to have been committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 by certain categories of public servants.